A sacred group experience to initiate you into your next level of personal power and leadership

Through the magic of sisterhood and energy alchemy, learn to grow a magnetic brand that consistently attracts soulmate clients, positions you as a leader, and expands your impact

...so you can cultivate abundance on your own terms.
The more intentional you are about your brand, aligning it with your unique energy, the more magnetic it becomes.
People start coming to you because they hear how amazing you are from their friends, keep seeing and relating to your content, start recognizing you as a leader in your space, and get excited to connect with you. 
This 6-month container is designed to help you create a sacred brand which magnetizes your tribe and is aligned with your unique essence. The experience is a combination of strategy and energy, filled with sacred tools and rituals to help you align with your soul's wisdom and attract your soulmate clients. All within the safe embrace of a supportive sisterhood.

What would it feel like to have an audience who...

...regularly engages with you, are happy to pay your premium prices, and get excited when you put out new offers?
...feels connected to your business, trusts you, and buys from you over the competition time and time again?
...tells others how amazing you are and highly recommends you?
Would it transform your business? Your life? This is what's possible when you grow and strengthen your brand.
"Your brand is like the center pillar around which everything else is built." - Sherman Standberry

Growing your brand IS growing your business. A strong and well-thought-out brand helps you:

  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • Earn trust and recognition from your audience and your peers
  • Naturally draw in your ideal clients, without spending most of your time and energy trying to attract new prospects
  • Acquire clients who come back to you for more and recommend you to others
  • Position your offers as unique, premium experiences
  • Encourage opportunities for collaborations and interviews

But it's not about working harder, doing more, or following cookie-cutter strategies

We're going to step into a new paradigm of business and feminine leadership. Together, we'll explore a heart-centered and holistic approach to shedding away the hustle, overwhelm, and not-enoughness.

Our journey looks like 6 months of:
SOUL ALIGNED BRANDING | Through my guided process, we’ll explore your soul signature and use it as the basis for your brand's foundation -- so you're crystal clear on how to express your genius in a way that feels easy and 100% true to you.  
You'll transform your brand into one that taps into your personal magic -- what makes your magnetic, how you love to express yourself, and how you can use your gifts to create a unique client experience.  By growing your business aligned to your true nature, you'll cultivate flow and ease.

COACHING & MENTORING | You don't have to figure it all out by yourself. Throughout our time together you'll receive the knowledge, tools, and resources to uplevel your business. Each month we'll highlight a specific area of your brand, cleaning up your foundations and setting you up for massive growth.

This is a done-with-you branding experience. You'll receive deep dive training in a group coaching setting and have some one-on-one time to laser in on your individual challenges. I'm here to act as a mirror and reflect back your own special blend of magic. All so we can authentically communicate to your dreamiest clients, how you're the perfect one for them.

MASTERMINDING WITHIN SISTERHOOD | Masterminding leads to new ideas, broader perspectives, accountability, collaboration, and a broader network of resources. You'll have the opportunity to support and be supported by a group of women who care about your success. Doing it alone means it's easy to get stuck in our head, letting confusion and uncertainty lead us into inaction. So we stop showing up, expressing ourselves, and sharing our message.

There's power in women coming together. You get to tap into the collective experience and wisdom of others.  Your magic is amplified and together you help each other think bigger, be brave, and face difficult challenges. The new paradigm is based on collaboration and co-creation.

SACRED RITUALS & ENERGETIC CLEARINGS | We'll create the space to tune into our intuition and allow insights to arise, so you can then take inspired action that will lead to quantum leaps. Our approach will be based on balancing and co-creating with your inner masculine and feminine energies.

This energetic work will connect you to your divine wisdom, and support your brand's growth by enhancing your natural magnetism. We’ll also work on dissolving any mindset or energetic blocks so you can grow your brand in a way that lights you up.

This is for you if:
  • You're a spiritual entrepreneur or creative who is ready to step in a new direction, make a massive transformation, grow your business with ease, and expand your impact. You’ve been in business for a little while and are now ready to embody your next level.
  • You desire to refine and clarify your brand's presence so you stand out and attract soulmate clients. But you don't know how to cohesively pull all the pieces together. You'd like to feel confident about sharing your message and communicating why you're different. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you crave to brand in a soulful way that cultivates flow. 
  • You’re ready to attract bigger opportunities - whether your goals include growing your audience, attracting a consistent stream of clients, establishing yourself as an authority, commanding premium prices for your services, or just cultivating raving fans that love your work.
  • You'd like to feel supported as you create a sustainable, profitable business, no longer struggling alone. The idea of collaborating with a group of women from diverse backgrounds and skillsets excites you.

Program Runs from the New Moon on August 30th, 2019 through the Full Moon on March 9th, 2020

Each month we'll focus on a specific aspect of your brand and business. Within that theme, the trainings will be adjusted to the needs of the group.

August: Build the Foundation | Tapping into your Personal Magic, Using Archetypes to Define your Brand's Persona, and Managing your Energy

September: Getting to Know your Dream Clients | Defining your Niche, Creating Buyer Avatars, and Positioning Irresistible Offers
October: Connecting with your Audience | Messaging, Credibility, & Content Creation
November: Brand Visuals | Refining your Website and Creating Consistent Brand Graphics Using Canva
December: Your Unique Client Experience | Refining your Systems and Process, Managing Expectations, and Creating Sustainability
January: Strategy & Visibility | Attracting Clients with Aligned Action and Using High Impact Strategies to Create Momentum
  • "Alegna is amazing! She blends magic, intuition and tarot along with solid web design and branding experience. She clearly really cares about her clients, and went above and beyond to make me feel supported through the entire process. She really took the time to get to know me and my business, my values and even my spiritual purpose. She also created a Personal Blueprint using Human Design and the Gene Keys, which was fascinating because it dove deep into who I am and confirmed things I already kind of knew.

    But most of all you should hire Alegna because she loves her job, and it shows! Her work is fresh, clear, modern, professional, magical and loving. She has so much passion for working with spiritual female entrepreneurs, and I know I always want to hire the person who is excited to work with me! It was so worth the money to invest in my brand this way and I know it will make me more money."


    Sue Cairnie Ceremonies
  • "Alegna truly is a Brand magician! Soon after meeting her I KNEW she was the branding coach and designer I wanted, because I completely resonated with her understanding of archetypes, divine feminine spirituality, and the makings of a gorgeous online space and magnetic brand.

    After my wife & I hired her (we are in business together), Alegna took us through an extensive process of asking questions and being in discussion so she could really help US understand our brand and what we wanted to express. Then she went off and worked her magic on our website and the results have been stunning!"


  • "Alegna, you bring a beautiful clarity and sense of calm and reassurance that was a blessing! You have an amazing ability to listen and then bring the vision forward in a way that was clear and reflective of our goals.

    The design has already been received very well by our longstanding community and they are THRILLED with how easy it is to navigate. It is also attracting new clients and expanding our demographic which was inherent in our needs. To anyone thinking of hiring you, I would say do not hesitate!

    We have had multiple websites and worked with several other people over the years. BY FAR YOU ARE THE BEST! In every way you shine and your skills and care show! We are so very grateful to you! Your talent and love are the missing ingredient that put everything together. THANK YOU ALEGNA!"


    Sri & Kira Ascension Magazine


The Mastermind & Group Program Includes:

(1) Deep-dive Training Module Each Month
(2) Monthly Group Coaching Calls
(1) Monthly Sacred Ritual
Bi-weekly Masterminding Call
(2) 1-on-1 Coaching Calls During our Time Together
Supplemental Resources, Tools, and Energetic Practices to Support Monthly Theme
Guest Masterclasses and Talks
Private Facebook Group for Support Between Calls
Live 3-Day Retreat in Orlando, FL at the End of October (Accommodations and Travel Not Included)

$3,800 -or- $600 Deposit + (6) Monthly Installments of $600

VIP Experience
Everything Included Above Plus:
Personal Blueprint: A unique-to-you guide based on your Human Design, Natal Astrology Chart, and Gene Keys. This custom-tailored report summarizes your strengths, highest potential, how you're designed to thrive, and suggestions for incorporating it all into your business so you can create a naturally magnetic brand.
Professional Design of your Logo, Alternative Logo, and Submark
(10) Design Hours to Refresh your Brand Visuals and Website

$4,850 -or- $600 Deposit + (6) Monthly Installments of $775


Join by July 5th and Receive these Special Gifts:

Brand Clarity Tarot Reading (learn more here)

Client Attraction Ritual Kit (with Ceremony Guidelines & Ingredients)

Hi, I'm Alegna

Blending strategy and intuition, I help spiritual women create online personal brands that express their innate genius, so they can naturally attract soulmate clients. When I work with my clients I allow myself to be a channel for both their divine expression and my higher guidance.

I believe the new paradigm we're co-creating is shifting business from a competitive environment that thrives on following someone else's blueprints for success, to a holistic expression of creativity and service that thrives on balance, collaboration, and individual sovereignty.

Furthermore, I strongly believe entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to create freedom, serve your purpose, and design a powerful life. The world needs your particular voice -- and together, we'll create an online brand which fully expresses it.


What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of people with similar goals who come together to help each other succeed and work through challenges. They mutually support each other through feedback, brainstorming, and holding each other accountable. It requires commitment, confidentiality, and an attitude of giving and receiving.

What if I can't afford this?

I trust you know what is best for you and your family. If you feel signing up for this program would place you in financial hardship, please honor your present circumstances. It might not be the best time for us to work together. However, I do put out offers at lower price levels from time to time. Reach out to me at alegna@vividseeds.com or visit my website vividseeds.com to stay connected.

Do I have to attend the retreat?

No, you're not required to attend the retreat. However, the experience will allow you to integrate the material and nurture a closer bond with your mastermind sisters. We'll create the space for deep healing and soul connection. Plus, you'll get some 1-on-1 time to create your 6 month brand plan.

How much time will this require?

This program requires a commitment to yourself and the group. You'll get out of it as much energy and effort you put in. Expect to dedicate 3-5 hours a week for the group calls, working through the training materials, and engaging in the Facebook group.


If you have another question, please email me at alegna@vividseeds.com.

If you're ready to step into your next evolution, JOIN US. Let's help you build a business that's in alignment with your soul and creates abundance on your terms.

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